Outsourced Services


Web Hosting Solutions Ltd is a UK Company that specializes in supplying businesses with dedicated web developers.As founders of Web Hosting Solutions Ltd we have a background in launching our own Internet startup's and understand that every pound counts when growing a business. With prices from £14.00 an hour we save clients significant staffing costs allowing them to invest both time and money in other areas of their business so you never have to turn away work again.

High Internet speed and advanced communication tools such as Skype and project management tools (Trello, Basecamp etc) mean that employers no longer have to physically be in the same room as their employee. The issue with this however has always been reliability and security. This is where Web Hosting Solutions Ltd was born. We add that remote support can be from UK, France, Germany, Poland or India depending on your level of budget and skill set required. We will fit the best team to suit your project.

  1. Hire a full time dedicated developer to work exclusively for you.
  2. Hire an entire team of dedicated developers.
  3. We offer rolling contracts that be cancelled with just 30 days notice.
  4. Your dedicated developer reports directly to you each day becoming an extension of your own offices.
  5. Have your own office in the UK, France, Germany, Poland for zero setup costs.
  6. Local database of 1000s of developers, advanced recruitment and training procedures ensure the best selection of talent.
  7. All candidates are initially background checked and tested on technical skill and English language
  8. We recommend who we believe to be the most suited cloud employee however you also speak with them and do tests before committing.
  9. We provide you with one week's FREE Trial.
  10. We can change your Cloud Employee at anytime if you are not satisfied.
  11. We provide you with applicants within 48 hours.
  12. Total discretion regarding our partnership. We are happy to sign an NDA.

Why working with Us

Work Ethic & Integrity - The culture is built on loyalty, integrity and hard work.

Proven -Number of Developers are growing at an annual rate of 30%.

English Language - is the third largest English-speaking nation in the world with over 70% of the nation speaking fluently.

Education - As one of the highest paid industries in the country, over 35,000 IT university students every year from Internationally recognised universities.

Our Quality - Assurance is fully checked by our UK Project team hence we have your goal set in mind always and will deliver what you require in 100% satisfaction.


Web Hosting Solutions Ltd is a believer in delivering organisations absolute quality and value for your money. We aim to be your off-shore office for year’s to come allowing you to grow your business for less expenditure.

Junior Developers will typically have at least one year's worth of professional experience, mid-level will have over 3 years and Senior Developers 6 years. Please note that pricing is a "guide" and is negotiated "per developer" on their unique skills, years of experience and salary requirements.

Compared to developer's with the same years of experience in Western markets you can expect to save on average 80% and enter rolling contracts to further reduce your risk.

A few companies developing Technology


The founders of Web Hosting Solutions Ltd LTD have several years of experience in IT Recruitment, Web Development.

Upon exiting his IT Recruitment business in London which is still running today, James Holland entered the online travel market and shared his web development to a few hubs around the world.

With many people apprehensive about web work, James Holland had clients approach him asking for staffing help. It was from here that the business grew naturally through existing relationships and client referrals.

Having seen that the booming Uk tech scene was experiencing a shortage of web developers and those that were available were extremely costly for the majority of businesses, the trio leveraged their industry experience and local knowledge to form Web Hosting Solutions Ltd, a superior, transparent and low cost solution to IT staffing.